Trash, Recycling, & Composting

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Information on trash, recycling, & composting services can be found below.


  • Household refuse, recyclables, & garden waste are collected every Tuesday, unless Christmas, New Year's Day, or July 4th fall on that day. Pickup may also be delayed because of inclement weather. In either case, pickup will occur the day after (Wednesday).
  • If you have a problem with refuse collection or recycling, call Goode Trash Removal at (240) 278-2698 to speak with Operations Manager Miguel Saavedra, who oversees Somerset's collections.
  • Cuttings, grass, & leaves must be in paper bags or reusable containers. Branches may be included or bundled & must not exceed 4' in length or 4" in diameter.
  • Recyclables, including comingled paper, plastic (except plastic bags & number 6 plastics), metal, glass, & cardboard should be placed in a blue bin. Below is a recycling guide, you can also come to Town hall for a physical copy.
  • Paper: Drink boxes, milk cartons, newspaper & inserts, white or colored paper, food & snack boxes, hard & soft cover books, greeting cards, non-foil gift wrap, catalogs & magazines, junk mail, phone books, bagged shredded paper, & three ring binders.
  • Plastic: Bottles (milk jugs, soda, detergent, salad dressing, cooking oil, shampoo, liquid soap, spray products, etc.) tubs, jars, trays, disposable cups & plates, flowerpots, toys, buckets, & clam shell packaging (from electronics, toys, batteries, salad bars, berries, etc.). Plastic Bags: Bundle & take to grocery store. Please do not place in the recycling bin.
  • Metal: Aluminum & steel cans (drink, food & pet food), pie & cake pans, empty aerosol cans (hairspray, whipped cream, etc.), & aluminum foil.
  • Glass: Any color glass, bottles & jars. No need to remove lids, caps or labels.
  • Cardboard: Boxes flattened to less than 4’x6’ (bundling preferred). All Styrofoam inserts or peanuts are to be removed.
The Somerset Recycling Guide can be found here.

Food scraps, meat, dairy, grains, eggshells, paper napkins, & much more will be picked up & composted by The Compost Crew. There is no registration fee, & you will receive an air-tight 5-gallon bin. There is a $4.00 monthly charge for a 12-gallon bin on wheels. Pickups are every Tuesday, unless public holidays fall on a Monday, in which case pickup will slide too Wednesday. You can sign up for composting service here.

The Somerset Composting Guide can be found here.

The Town provides two special pickups during the Spring & Fall for large household items that are not acceptable for regular collections. The Town frequently partners with A Wider Circle or other charitable organizations for pickups of usable items.