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The Town of Somerset was originally a streetcar community of Washington, DC & remains a closely built neighborhood of single-family homes. Balancing individual property rights with the greater good of the community is a delicate process of ensuring public safety & respecting neighboring properties. The Town strives to achieve this balance through its permitting process.

Please refer to the checklist on the application itself to determine if you will also need a Montgomery County permit. The Town of Somerset will not consider permit applications until all Montgomery County permits are issued.

The Permit Application & Waiver can be found here. Below you can find information on the permitting process.

Permitting Information

What are permits required for?
Permits are required for:
  • Installing or replacing exterior components for HVAC systems & generators.
  • Any construction, including new homes, additions, porch stoops, garages, accessory buildings, fences, & walls.
  • Tree removal.
What fees are required?
The permit fee schedule can be found here.

Please note that payments for fees & deposits must be received at Town Hall before applications will be considered. Applicants can pay for fees & deposits by check made payable to Town of Somerset & sent to Somerset Town Hall at the address below.
Somerset Town Hall
4510 Cumberland Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

*Deposits can only be paid with a check made out to Town of Somerset. 
**Maximum deposit required is $2,000, unless tree reforestation deposit is required.
***Tree reforestation deposits are in addition to any construction deposits.
What if the property is in the Somerset Historic District?
If your property is in the Somerset Historic District, please visit the website for Montgomery County’s Historic Preservation Commission here & become familiar with the process. The Town strongly suggests that you set up a pre-permit meeting with the Town of Somerset before beginning the permit process with HPC & the County in order to avoid the possibility of having to return to them to apply for a revision. There may be a fee charged for this meeting. Contact the Town Manager to arrange such a meeting. Following your pre-permit meeting with Somerset, take your plans to the County Historic Preservation Office for further instructions. Once you are in their system, they will send your plans to the Local Advisory Panel (LAP). In Somerset, members of the Town Council are acting as the LAP. As such, Councilmembers will not be making a decision on the building permit. Once the Historic Commission approves the plans & issues the Historic Area Work Permit, they will forward the plans to the Montgomery County permitting office for their permit approval. Once you have both of the county permits, you apply for a Town of Somerset permit.
What is an example of the Town's Right-of-Way (ROA)?
An example of a Town's Right of Way (ROW): A Town owns a public street that goes through a residential neighborhood. The Town also owns a few feet past the pavement &/or sidewalk on both sides of the street. If a residential street is 30–36 feet wide the Town may own a total of 46–50+ feet wide area. So, yes, the Town may own part of your front yard. Virtually all public streets are like this, from local residential streets on up to interstate highways, which may have ROWs that are hundreds of feet wide.
What are the considerations for permit approval?
Building permits require approval by the Town Council. Normally the Council will vote on your application during the Town Council Meeting at which it is presented. Meetings are the first Monday of every month (unless that Monday falls on a holiday).

Approval centers on the following considerations:
  • Is the application complete & does the project comply with all applicable subdivision & zoning regulations, particularly building setback, height, coverage, & storm water management?
  • Have all neighboring property owners been properly notified by the applicant?
  • Will the proposed work adversely affect the health & safety of adjoining property owners, or the enjoyment of their property?
What tree work requires a permit?
A permit is required for removal of any trees on private property that are four inches (4") or more in diameter as measured four & one half feet (4.5') above the average surrounding ground. No permit is required for tree pruning on private property. However, residents are not allowed to prune the Town trees lining our streets. Tree contractors must have a Maryland tree expert license number. The Town has its own arborist for the oversight of Town trees. If a tree falls down because of a storm, please contact the Mayor or Town Manager.

Tree removal permits on private property require approval of the Town Council if three or more trees are being removed. Normally the Council will vote on your application during the Town Council Meeting at which it is presented. If one or two trees are being removed, the Mayor approves or rejects the permit application. The Town Arborist reviews tree removal requests & makes recommendations.
When must permits be marked as complete to be considered at a Town Council Meeting?
Permit requests that require Town Council approval must be submitted to the Town Manager no later than the 15th of the month prior to the next Council Meeting (Council Meetings are the first Monday of every month, except if that Monday is a holiday).

For an additional fee, a late application (submitted after the 15th of the month) may be submitted no later than the 22nd of the month preceding the next Council Meeting.

The Council may, at its discretion, hold a special session to expedite an application for an additional fee, greater than the late fee. A written request must be submitted a minimum of seven days prior to a meeting being considered so that residents may be given adequate public notice.
Should I appear at the Meeting where my application will be discussed?
Yes, you are encouraged to do so. All other interested parties may also testify regarding the application.

Are Meetings are hybrid meetings so if you have difficulty appearing in-person, you can appear through Zoom as well.
How can I get a permit requirement waived (known as a variance)?
The Town Council may grant a waiver of permit requirements only after a duly noticed public hearing where good cause has been shown on the grounds as listed in the Town Code. The criteria for granting a waiver are listed in the Somerset Town Code section of the respective permit. Please describe your waiver request in the description section of the application: Town of Somerset Permit & Waiver Application.
Can I appeal if a permit or waiver is denied?
Yes, you may file an appeal within 30 days to the Circuit Court of Maryland. (Town Code Section 6-308).