Parks & Recreation

Information on each of Somerset's parks and recreation amenities can be found below including pictures!

The Town of Somerset is home to several parks, recreational facilities, & trails perfect for Somerset residents to explore in, play in, & find all sorts of enjoyment in our splendid natural environment. This includes three parks, three recreational facilities, two trails, & our very own apiary.
James J. Capello Park Plaque - Copy
JAMES J. CAPELLO PARK (more commonly referred to as CAPELLO PARK)

Somerset's main park is Capello Park, named in recognition of James J. Capello's devoted service as Clerk-Treasurer of the Town of Somerset from 1940 to 1976. The land on which the Park now sits was purchased in 1977. The park is located right next to the Town Hall at 4510 Cumberland Avenue at the intersection of Cumberland & Wisconsin Avenues with another entrance at the intersection of Dorset & Wisconsin Avenues. The park boasts plenty of space for play (people & pets!), picnics & gatherings, & to enjoy some fresh air. The park is home to several beautiful trees, picnic tables, & has a couple of trash cans on site. The park also hosts two of our recreational facilities: the Town Basketball Court & the Town Batting Cage. In addition, it is just a stone throw's away from the Walter J. Behr Tennis Courts. A bench near the Dorset entrance is dedicated to Hobart & Alice Rowen.
Fun fact: Hobart Rowen was the founder & first editor-in-chief of the Town Journal!

Bench at Dorset Entrance to Capello Park - CopyDorset Entrance to Capello Park - CopyPicnic Tables at Capello Park - Copy

Pictures from Left to Right: 
Hobart & Alice Rowen's Bench, Dorset Entrance to Capello Park, & Picnic Tables at Capello Park.
Town Basketball Court - Copy

There is a single full-length basketball court located in Capello Park, near the entrance at the intersection of Cumberland & Wisconsin Avenues. The court is open year-round to the public & does not require reservations. The basketball courts located at Somerset Elementary School are not open to the public.
Town Batting Cage - Copy


There is a batting cage available for exclusive use of Somerset residents, who have registered at Town Hall to use the facility, & their guests. The batting cage is located in Capello Park right next to Town Hall at 4510 Cumberland Avenue.

There are three tennis courts available for exclusive use of Somerset residents who have paid the nominal annual upkeep fee. The Tennis Courts bear the name of Somerset's longest serving Mayor who also had a passion for tennis. The courts are located next to the Town Hall at 4510 Cumberland Avenue. The Tennis Fee is $25. The fee can be paid by writing a check made payable to "Town of Somerset" & dropping the check off at the Town Hall or by Venmo. After payment, reservation instructions will be sent by Town Staff. Residents seeking a coach, or a Town partner can contact the Chair of the Tennis Committee, Chair Carrie Wofford, at
  • The rules for the Tennis Courts can be found here.
  • The Code of Etiquette for the Tennis Courts can be found here.
Walter J. Behr Tennis Courts Plaque - CopySitting Area Outside Tennis Courts - Copy
View of Tennis Courts from Town Hall - Copy

Pictures from Left to Right:
Walter J. Behr Tennis Courts Plaque, Sitting Area Outside Tennis Courts, & the Tennis Courts.

In 2006, the Town of Somerset celebrated its centennial which included the creation of Founders' Park on a small patch of land at the intersection of Dorset Avenue & Surrey Street. This park includes a plaque on the founding of the Town, the Town of Somerset Black Lives Matter Library (a partnership with, a tree dedicated to Mayor J. William Stohlman (Somerset's fifth Mayor), a bench dedicated to Tarunica V. Dehejia, & a dog waste disposal can for dog walkers.
The Founder's Exhibit from the Right - CopyThe Founder's Exhibit from the Left - CopyFounder's Exhibit Bench - Copy

Pictures from Left to Right:
Founders' Park from the right, from the left, & Tarunica V. Dehejia's Bench.

WARREN JAY VINTON PARK (more commonly referred to as VINTON PARK)

Vinton Park is 12 acres of woodland along Little Falls Branch named in honor of Mayor Warren Jay Vinton who gained the land for the Town.

Walter Behr Path runs alongside Town Hall while Marnie Shaul Path, named for former Council President Marnie Shaul, runs through the Town Pool into Friendship Heights.

Bee Fun Facts - Copy
The Town of Somerset has its own apiary!
Fun fact: This is not the first time Somerset was home to bees! In 1917, the Department of Agriculture established a Bee Culture Station at 4823 Dorset Avenue. Pioneering apiary research was done there, before the work (& the bees!) moved to Beltsville in 1937.