Tennis Committee

The Tennis Committee has been established by the Mayor in order to review & make recommendations related to the Somerset Town Tennis Courts, & tennis-related activities.



Town of Somerset
Tennis Committee Charter
The Tennis Committee (the “Committee”) has been established by the Mayor, according to Sections 13-1 and 149-5 of the Town of Somerset Code, in order to review and make recommendations related to the Somerset Town Tennis Courts, and tennis-related activities. The Committee shall remain in existence, until terminated by the Mayor.

Composition and Appointment Terms
The Committee shall consist of an odd number of members. There shall be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 9 members.  The Mayor shall nominate the members and Chair for the committee. The Town Council shall review and approve the nominations for each committee, according to Sections 13-2 and 13-4 of the Town Code.  Committee members shall serve a term of 3 years.

The Committee shall have one Councilmember liaison and one Councilmember alternative, according to Section 13-5 of the Town Code. Liaisons are not voting members of the Committee.

Officers. The Mayor shall nominate a chairperson for the committee, subject to the approval of the appointment by the Town Council, in accordance with Section 13-4 of the Town Code. Terms for chairpersons shall begin on January 1 and shall run for one calendar year. There are no limits on the number of times that an individual may be nominated and appointed as chairperson of a Town committee, in accordance with Section 13-4 of the Town Code.

The Committee shall perform the following duties:
  1. As needed, submit any changes to the Somerset Tennis Rules to the Town Council for approval;
  2. Provide tennis-related budget requests to the Mayor and Council prior to the creation of the Town’s annual budget, and recommendations for expenditures to improve tennis operations and activities throughout the year;
  3. Make recommendations to the Town Council from time-to-time regarding ways to improve Town Tennis Court operations and activities; and
  4. Such other duties consistent with the Town Code and this Charter as may be assigned by the Mayor from time to time.
Meetings of the Committee shall be conducted in compliance with the Maryland Open Meetings Act. With the assistance of the Town Manager, public notice and an agenda shall be issued prior to the holding of a meeting. Minutes of the meeting shall be promptly prepared, as required by the Act. Once approved by the Committee, the meeting minutes shall be given to the Town Manager.  

As required by the Act, at least one member of the Committee shall complete the online training offered by the Open Meetings Compliance Board. The trainee shall inform the Town Manager once the training has been completed. All members are encouraged to complete the training. The training is available here:

Records of the Committee shall be retained in accordance with the Maryland Public Information Act. Committee members shall review the Town’s Document Retention Schedule and make certain records are retained in accordance therewith.

A pdf version of the Charter can be found here.