Wellness Activities

Here you can find out about Somerset's commitment to wellness!

The Town of Somerset is proud to be a certified member of the HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign (HEAL is an acronym for Healthy Eating, Active Living). This campaign works with local governments throughout the DMV to create healthy, prosperous community environments that promote healthy eating & active living.

According to HEAL:

"Our health is shaped by the places in which we live, learn, work, play, & age. These conditions have a profound impact on how healthy we will be over the course of our lives. Our day-to-day routines are influenced by our environments.
For example…

  • When the closest store doesn’t sell fresh, healthy ingredients, it’s more convenient to get takeout than prepare a nutritious dinner.
  • When the stairwell is locked, the elevator is the easiest way to get up to the office.
  • When playgrounds are closed after school hours, children choose video games rather than playing outside.

These are consequences of policies and practices. These may seem small and subtle, but over time these consequences add up. HEAL policies & practices affect livability & prosperity by improving both physical environments & the fiscal health of a community."

The Maryland Municipal League is encouraging all its members to become part of the HEAL Campaign. Somerset supports healthy food choices at all its sponsored events & in the workplace & is committed to encouraging healthy living opportunities.

Somerset is a member of the inaugural class of HEAL Cities & Towns. More information, including the other 21 members of the inaugural class, can be found here courtesy of the Institute for Public Health Innovation. 

More information on the HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign can be found here.

Additionally, Somerset has a Wellness Group designed to build community around common health & lifestyle topics. Activities are open to all residents & include regularly scheduled walking groups, water aerobics (Pool Season only), & a speaker series on issues of interest to the community.