Town Map

Tree City
A full map of the Town can be found here. Below you can find information on Somerset's streets, see an old map of Somerset & a map of Somerset produced for its Diamond Jubilee.

The Town of Somerset has 4.2 miles of street across 168 acres or 0.28 square miles. On these streets are over 400 homes where our community of 1200+ Somerset residents live. Somerset has five avenues, two places, two lanes, four streets, one road, & one parkway. These streets are:
  • Cumberland Avenue (unofficially divided between Big Cumberland & Little Cumberland split by Somerset Elementary School)
  • Dorset Avenue
  • Essex Avenue
  • Falstone Avenue
  • Grantham Avenue
  • Deal Place
  • Warwick Place
  • Warwick Lane
  • Surrey Street
  • Devon Lane
  • Uppingham Street
  • Trent Street
  • Greystone Street
  • Sections of River Road & Little Falls Parkway
Diamond Jubilee Map of Somerset