Equity and Inclusion Committee

The Equity and Inclusion Committee has been established by the Mayor, according to Sections 13-1 and 149-5 of the Town of Somerset Code, in order to promote awareness and action in Somerset on concerns relevant to ethnic, racial and cultural differences (broadly defined also to include sexual orientation and gender role, disability status and age). The focus should be on finding ways to foster understanding, and harmonious relationships across these differences both in Somerset and in the broader environment. The committee should provide a platform for community engagement and policy recommendations that are aimed to promote appreciation for these differences, as well as collaborative efforts to achieve equity and inclusion both in Somerset and in our broader community.. The Committee shall remain in existence, until terminated by the Mayor.

Committee Mission Statement

Committee Members

Atsuko Horiguchi (Chair) Essex Ave.
Leanne Bonter Cumberland Ave.
Sumi Choi Warwick Pl.
Carrie Goux Warwick Pl.
Janet Leissner Essex Ave.
Amalia Levitin Trent St.
Birdie Pieczenik Essex Ave.
David Sacks Trent St.
Joey Wender Warwick Pl.
Committee Achievements and Committee-Led Initiatives and Legislation