The Town of Somerset is fortunate that through the ages residents have understood the importance of uncovering and preserving Somerset's heritage.  They have volunteered their time to preserve memories, research archives and collect and save the dust-laden artifacts and ephemera that have become our primary sources.  The efforts of these residents have helped us better understand  the human experience that has led to our current life in Somerset.  The information on this website is from primary source material in the town's archives,  material from Montgomery County Historical Society's Somerset Archives and three different histories written about the town. 

The first history was written by Dorothy O'Brien who prepared a booklet in 1956 for the 50th anniversary of the town being chartered;  the second history, building on the first,  was written, assembled by and published into a pamphlet by Helen Jaszi, Joan Weiss (the editor) and Donna Williamson in celebration of Somerset's 75th anniversary, the Diamond Jubilee 1906 - 1981.  Other resident historians contributing to the document were Robert Balcom, Dorothy O'Brien and Hobart Rowen with many others offering support; and finally, the third history, building on the first and second, was written by Lesley Anne Simmons with Donna Kathleen Harman in celebration of the town's centennial, Somerset, One Hundred Years a Town.
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Somerset history book
Past Mayors
  • 1910-1912           Jesse E. Swigart
  • 1912-1916        Warren W. Biggs
  • 1916-1919        Charles S. Moore
  • 1919-1938               J. William Stohlman
  • 1938-1940             W. B. Horne
  • 1940-1954           Irvin M. Day
  • 1954-1956      William F. Betts
  • 1956-1958  Frederick Turnbull
  • 1958-1969       Warren Jay Vinton
  • 1969-1975        Jerald F. Goldberg
  • 1975-1982       Walter J. Behr
  • 1982-1986              A. Eugene Miller
  • 1986- 2008       Walter J. Behr
  • 2008-present    Jeffrey Z. Slavin